August 19-20 | San Diego, CA
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Ram Pai

Senior Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Ram Pai leads the development of the Secure Virtual Machines at IBM's Cognitive Systems Group.

He has enabled large teams globally towards enablement of various contributions to the Linux ecosystem.

Among many other features, VFS Shared-Subtree and POWER memory-key features are some important contributions he has made to the Linux Kernel.

Ram is one of the lead author of the paper "Confidential Computing for OpenPOWER" to be presented in Session 7 on Wednesday at 20:20 BST.
He is also the maintainer of the Ultravisor firmware for OpenPOWER.
He has presented on "Secure Virtual Machines" at the KVM forum 2018 and on "Shared subtree" at
Linux Plumbers in Vancouver 2018. He has presented at Ottowa Linux Symposium(OLS) 2006, and OLS 2004.