August 19-20 | San Diego, CA
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Robert E. Settlage

United States
Computational Scientist
Dr. Settlage is a Computational Scientist and Data Analyst within the Advanced Research Computing
(ARC) group at Virginia Tech. The ARC is a VT community resource to assist faculty in handling and
analyzing large and complex data sets. The ARC is building on Dr. Settlage’s prior experiences at
Merck & Co. where he oversaw efforts to create end-to-end analysis pipelines that included novel
computational interfaces allowing scientists to quickly analyze, view and curate massive amounts of
Proteomics data (previously sold as Elucidator by Rosetta BioSoft). Current work is focused on working
with local users to design and build analysis pipelines to more fully utilize the available computational resources. As part of the Open OnDemand team, Dr Settlage is working to enable science in areas outside of the traditional HPC community by building and extending the OnDemand interface. Creating more familiar portals of entry to our HPC resources lowers the barriers to entry and brings the power and scale of HPC to more communities with computational needs.